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“LoLo Harris” is a passionate gospel singer  who desires to be a living testimony of the love of Jesus Christ. She is truly a blessed and anointed Singing Evangelist who has been singing since the age of 5 years old. “LoLo” has  ministered in song at thousands of venues around the United States, and has had an opportunity to minister in music in Bermuda & Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean, Jamaica, & Puerto Rico.  

“LoLo” is a spectacular, breath-taking vocalist, talented choir director, and an anointed Praise & Worship Leader. As a Singing Evangelist she has been instrumental in aiding preaching evangelists in baptizing over 3,000 precious souls. 

"LoLo Harris" is currently embarking upon several outreach ministries that she prays will reach those who do not know Jesus, as well as those who seek a closer walk with him.

Please pray for “LoLo Harris” as she continues to do the work of the Lord with the ministry that has touched many hearts through out the world. Her ministry has enlightened, inspired and encouraged millions of people as they have listened to her testimony in song.  

Video of "LoLo Harris" singing
"LoLo" and the Maranatha SDA Church Praise Team singing at the Berean SDA Church, Atlanta, GA... "God Is"

"LoLo" singing at the South Atlantic Conference 2015 Women's Retreat in Charlotte, NC  "God Is Able"

Inspirational Song of the Week
"LoLo Harris"
Lydia Floyd's Memorial Service 12/20/ 2015

Lo Lo Harris and Company

Posted by Todde Bliss on Sunday, December 20, 2015